Life after NICU and losing my baby girl

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not done yet…

on 02/23/2012

Trust me, I’m not letting anyone off the hook right now. I’ve got some serious issues with so many people and I’m tired of them thinking that there is something wrong with ME. Let me tell you.

So, its another political year. Lots of mud slinging and name calling. And very little is being done by other candidates at each other. For some reason, we’ve all forgotten that these politicians are people too. Case in point, about a month or so ago, some jerk named Alan with Fox News decided it would be ok to judge Rick Santorum for what he did with his newborn child after he died. Yea, attacking a man because he did what he felt was the right thing for them to do with their own child, not even thinking “WTF would I do in their shoes?”. You know what’s sick? No one thinks to put themselves in other’s shoes. The attacks keep coming (Santorum’s protrait done in nothing but shrunken gay porn pictures, photos of candidates eating food and looking less than flattering, bashing them for their beliefs because it doesn’t mirror their own, etc) and I’m sick and tired of it. I see this garbage going around on facebook and it makes me so sick. I lose respect for anyone who posts that kind of garbage. I can’t post something about how Obama has messed up this country, given money to questionable companies that later filed bankrupcy, doubled the national debt in a fraction of the time it took any other president, taken vacations at the worst times and not bothered cutting them short because things are happening, taking credit for something that he hardly had a hand in, getting the Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING, and many, MANY more. If I post something like that, I have many people jump on me telling me what a horrible person I am, how I’m racist, how I’m anti-american, and I’m hateful because I’m not supporting a president.

Umm, excuse me, let’s rewind the tapes. Were you always respectful and never posted a single hateful or hurtful thing about Bush? How about any other republican? Have you been giving them a fair chance at things? Only publishing things that are truthful? Never made a joke about how stupid and uneducated Bush is? How is it any different with Obama? Because of the color of his skin? Didn’t Martin Luther King Jr say something about judging people “not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”? So, if I’m posting that I don’t like something that Obama is doing and you call me racist, aren’t you judging on color of skin? Why am I being called a racist because I didn’t vote for the guy, but I’m never given the chance to say why I did so? If you aren’t going to give me the time, don’t expect me to give you the time.

I’m sick and tired of the blatant lack of respect anymore. I’ve seen some HATEFUL things being posted about people who never did a single thing to anyone else. And I’ve seen way too much attention going to things that don’t deserve it, while others who deserve the praise of an entire nation get NOTHING.

For example, my son is named after a fallen Iraq veteran named Anthony McElveen. He died December 2005 in a flour factory. There was maybe a 5 minute blurb on the news and a few small articles in the paper about it. They lowered the flag, buried him in the Camp Ripley Cemetery, put his name on a piece of granite that is displayed with other veteran memorials, and is remembered by those whose lives he’s touched. And yet, here we are. One full week after Whitney Houston died, and she’s still all over the news, radio, magazines, books, and everyone’s lips. They’ve even lowered flags in her honor. What about the last soldiers who have died? Did we have an entire nation crying for them? Does anyone remember their names? Where they were from? How old they were? If they had children? I know I don’t and that breaks my heart for those families. They had to bury a national hero who paid the ultimate price to ensure freedom for us, and we can’t even give them the time of day to utter their name, say a prayer, or even cry a single tear. But for Whitney Houston, we can cry a river, ask God “Why Whitney?!?!”, and watch the news looking for the latest on the situation. SHAME! That’s horrible. It makes me so sick that things like this are going on in a country that likes to abuse its freedoms.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the soldiers out there. Serving and retired. Fallen and POW. All branches. Thank you for your sacrifice. I don’t take for granted that its something that doesn’t come free, but you’ve agree to pay that price for the rest of us. Your bravery is admirable. Thank you doesn’t feel like enough, but I offer that up time and time again.

Whitney who?


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